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Establish your wholesale brand where you can track inquiries, follow up and generate sales with a high converting website.

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the website of merchant selling air cotton online

Digitise your Wholesale Business and Sell everywhere from anywhere

Expand your reach: Digitize your wholesale business and sell anywhere, anytime
Digitize your wholesale business and tap into a global customer base. Our digital platform allows you to connect with potential customers, close deals, showcase products, receive orders, and manage inventory all from a phone or computer.
Expand your business: Tap into B2B and B2C markets
Create a comprehensive e-commerce platform that caters to the needs of retail and wholesale buyers.
Unlock the full potential of B2B e-commerce through integrations
Enhance B2B e-commerce capabilities and make your operations more efficient by integrating practical software and tools.
E-commerce for Fabrics and collects customers' basic information
Manage your products with multidimensional settings, taking Air Cotton as example

Manage your products with multidimensional settings

  • Bulk management
    Upload products, edit product information, list products on multiple marketplaces and duplicate products in bulk.
  • Downloadable product info
    Help customers make informed purchasing decisions by allowing them to download all the information related to products, such as images, specifications, or quotes.
  • Tiered pricing & minimum order quantity
    Set separate product prices for different tier levels and purchased quantities to encourage customers to buy more.

Smart inquiry forms to revolutionise your business

Customisable form
  • Customise your inquiry form and decide which information you want from a buyer.

Flexible form configuration
  • Set up your form and have it in any corner or any page of your website.

Smart notifications
  • Receive inquiries in real-time so the negotiations begin right away.

Batch Inquiry
  • Give your customers an option to have multiple products in one inquiry.

Data tracking
  • Track visitors, source of traffic, inquiry numbers and more to get accurate buyer purchasing needs.

Inquiry Data Panel
  • Know the number of visitors and conversion rate data and trends so your business directions are controlled by you.

Enquiry management for artistic blue fabric sofa
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